The Dollyrots

My daughter, Kali, and I think you are amazing. Do you ever have self doubts about your path, dreams, talents, etc.? What would you suggest to help a teen musician get through her own?

The Dollyrots responded on 07/30/2013

First off, thank you! That's awesome that Kali is making music. I think anyone who makes original art has constant questions about whether what they're doing has value. We've all been through it. This is totally natural and is really just your brain reminding you that you haven't quite lived up to your potential. But you've gotta BELIEVE that someday you will, and work hard on your craft to reach your dreams. Music is a hugely tough biz but it's the musicians that are able to pick themselves up after being knocked down, be nice to the people they work with, and roll with the punches.. those are the ones that develop a thick skin, keep friends close, and learn to take the World on. Good luck and remember...there are TONS of people in the World that might be better musicians than you, but there's only one stay true to yourself in your expression and everything else will find its place. -K

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