The Dollyrots

How do you guys choose what songs to keep for an album and how to order them on the album?

The Dollyrots responded on 06/30/2013

We start with hundreds of ideas and snippets...sometimes it's an acoustic thing, sometimes a rough idea set up to a programmed beat, and sometimes just gibberish "La la la da da" type things sung into our phone voice recorders. Out of that we'll usually put together something like 20-25 demos, and record 16 or so in the studio, 12-13 of which end up making the album. So really it's about having ideas filter down and hopefully letting the best rise to the top. A lot of times lyrics and details will change depending on what we're experiencing at the time; a song about relationships might turn into a song about tour if we're out on the road a lot etc. Once the top 12 songs are decided on we'll make playlists and just listen through to make sure the album feels cohesive or tells a story. We're fans of the "album" format and feel like, if you like a band, you should be able to listen to their records from front to back. So yeah...keep the ebb and flow, alternate fast/slow/aggro/sweet... -L

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