The Dollyrots

How much did record labels try to - and successfully - change your sound (obviously excluding your last album)?

The Dollyrots responded on 07/03/2013

Luckily, we've never really had to change much to please a label. "Eat My Heart Out" and "Because I'm Awesome" were both recorded and self-released BEFORE being picked up by labels, and "A Little Messed Up" only really needed some extra mixing at the end. All in all, Lookout and Blackheart Records were artist-friendly indie labels that didn't put too much pressure on us to be "commercial" or not be ourselves. Going through our own label now and being 100% free to make records solely for our fans is the best thing ever though. I'm sure our experience would be very different had we followed a major label path, as most big labels are too scared to let artists develop on their own and are focused on making sure they have a product to sell that's fairly conventional and sounds like other things out there.
Really, the only times we've been pressured to change our sound has been from management. Because, basically, most managers are full of it. ;) -L-

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