The Dollyrots

Do you listen to your own music most of the time or do you prefer to listen to other bands?

The Dollyrots responded on 07/19/2013

Yo Matt! Most definitely other bands... you know how hearing the sound of your own voice is kinda weird and awkward? Same applies to singing and stuff! Usually, once we finish off an album we won't listen to it unless it's by surprise ie hearing it on the radio or internet by accident (which is always a magical thing). But for fun we usually listen to music our friends or bands we love make (BFS, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Pixies etc) or up and coming bands that hand us demos at shows. The BEST is finding an amazing song on a home-made demo and seeing how much potential a new band has. So yeah...listening to other bands can give you get a better sense of what speaks to you musically...widening your perspective. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, as a musician, listening to other people's music should be part of your job :) -L-

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