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An instrumental influences question. For Luis, I caught some George Harrison in "Barefoot", and there is definitely some Cobain throughout The Dollyrots catalog. Who are some other influential guitarists who have contributed to molding your style? Same question goes for Kelly, although bass players seem to be much more difficult to pin down than guitar players, it seems. My favorites are Geddy Lee and Tom Peterson, by the way, Altho

The Dollyrots responded on 04/17/2014

Hey Alex!
Definitely Cobain is at the top - I learned to play by learning every single Nirvana song by ear. The rest is bits and pieces of rock n' roll. There's a little Chuck Berry in there, some Beatles, a little Steve Jones, a little Billie Joe Armstrong, and a ton of Johnny Ramone. All guys that don't play real flashy but write or co-write killer songs & hooks - and play hard with a lot of wrist power.
I can probably speak for Kelly by saying her bass playing is influenced a ton by Kim Deal. See the attached video where Kim discusses "real bass players" for an idea of that approach - again, it's more about playing with your own voice, within your limitations, and to the song - without overelaboration.
That said, Geddy Lee's freakin amazing!
Thanks for the good question man!

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