The Dollyrots

you guys are incredibly generous with your free mp3s. do you think it helps your fan base and sales? i sure hope it does. and little steven should play some of your new songs. we should all tell him so.

The Dollyrots responded on 04/17/2014

Little Steven's been an AMAZING supporter of what we do! He and Underground Garage picked our new song "Come And Get It" as the Coolest Song In The World this week - but for sure let him know you dig it - any chiming in shows that what they're picking is being appreciated!
We don't really think about sales when giving away our tracks. It's more of a reward to the people that like what we do; kind of a token of appreciation. That's why practically every email to our mailing list includes one... just us saying "hey thanks for keeping up to date with us, we know tons of annoying spam hits your inbox every day, but this is a fun thing that doesn't suck". We love it if someone stumbles upon a free track somewhere & that motivates them to check out our other work, but really we just see it as part of the back-and-forth between us and the fans. It feels good to give away presents, doesn't it? :)

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