The Dollyrots

Im suree you guys wont remember me but I was the metal musician that wrote with korey durhams band the downfall from bells tx that was shot in the head. we met at several of their shows im pretty sure in I think just dallas.....anyway I write white metal have many open opportunities like I had met the head of I am second who is very inteerested in my story of being shot but putting together my personal portfolio/testimony is an ongoing project and I was wondering from your personal experience how should I approach my music career with my obvious limitations?

The Dollyrots responded on 12/09/2015

That's a great question Steven... our best advice would be to embrace your limitations as far as your music goes... it's what makes you unique, and portraying yourself as honestly as possible with the people that appreciate your music is the most important part of the musical fan/musician give & take. Your story can provide inspiration to others. So that's what we think... be yourself within your limitations, without "trying" to be anything different, and people will be drawn to you for who you are. We wish you all the best!

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