The Dollyrots

OK, Dollyrots - I don't know if this is a question as much as a statement. For a while now, since your Eat Your Heart Out, I've been a casual fan. I buy your records (CDs) when they come out, I follow your news via your e-mails, and generally keep you in modest to heavy rotation on my devices. Sometime in the past few years, my daughter (now 11) discovered your songs on my playlists and she LOVES them, especially "Because I'm Awesome" and your cover of "Brand New Key." We missed you the last time you were in LA, but if you have upcoming all ages shows here, she'd love to come see you, I'd love to take her, and she wants you to know you are, indeed, Awesome.


The Dollyrots responded on 12/09/2015

That means a lot to us George! PLease give your awesome daughter a huge hug from us!!! x

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