The Dollyrots

I love the lyric videos you made for all the Barefoot & Pregnant songs. How were they made? Stock footage? Specially written and filmed for you? I'm thinking mainly of the Worstie one..

The Dollyrots responded on 08/09/2015

Our pal Andrew Hooper made those! Check him out here ->
We met him when him and Kepi Ghoulie came down to LA to film Kepi's video for "Part Time Romeo" and fell in love with his work. That shoot was really fun; just bouncing around our neighborhood in LA and being goofy with Kepi.
The concept for the Barefoot And Pregnant vids, on the other hand, was "surreal bright rotten". He filmed a ton of stuff and combined it with stock footage, then we sent stuff we shot of Kelly singing. One of our fav parts of making that album!
Check out the "Part Time Romeo" vid below!

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