The Dollyrots

Hi I'm a big fan of yours, i always try to pledge to you albums. I was supposed to see you in Minnesota awhile back & i didnt get to...i don't wanna come off wrong but i found out a month ago that, I'm Dying & a wish of mine was to see you play & meet you. I'm being 100% honest & i tried like those make-a-wish for adults & they dont respond to me so i thought i'd try myself...I hope you get this...Love Your Music & Thanx 4 your time

The Dollyrots responded on 02/28/2017

Hi Paige-Elizabeth!
Just saw this! You can ALWAYS reach out to us directly... either of our :) We would LOVE to make your wish come true if we can. No plans to head up to Minnesota super soon, but send us a note via email and we'll see what we can do to brighten your day. Totally appreciate the message and just remember that YOU ARE AWESOME and we're on your side! sincerely & tons of hugs, k+L

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