The Dollyrots

How did you feel about playing on "The Price Is Right?"

The Dollyrots responded on 08/04/2012

We met Drew & went to go hand him a CD, and he was like "'re messing with're the Dollyrots?" So it turned out he was a fan & had been spinning us on his show on Underground Garage (Sirius). He's a huge fan of rock n roll. He asked us to come on the show & we thought it was an amazing idea - in the entire time the show had been on the air up to that point they'd never really had a live band on before. We had a BLAST on the set...everyone was super nice, the stage is 10x more colorful in real life than on TV, and the crowds for those tapings are a hyper mishmash of people from everywhere. Overall a really fun & different experience that we got to be a part of!

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