The Dollyrots

How do you choose a set list? I wonder if you play songs from your catalogue like "Some girls" "Kick me to the curb" or "just like chocolate'?

The Dollyrots responded on 08/16/2012

We usually play a solid mix of old & new! If we've got a new record out we usually try and make 1/3 of the set new songs...since it's really only by playing them live that they become our own. Then there are ones that are sort of "mandatory" that we play because we love em but also so no one riots ;) like "Awesome" & "Brand New Key". We try to include at least 1 or 2 songs from each release in every set. "Chocolate" doesn't happen too often, but "SG" and "Kick Me" are pretty common. And we feel like the set's gotta be a solid mix of faster & slower songs too...if we're playing "Jackie" we try & counter-punch it with something like "Nobody Wants U". But yeah - picking is tough sometimes because we love em all. We're thinking about maybe doing a tour someday and playing all the songs off one album front to back....but that's another conversation for another day... -L-

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