The Dollyrots

What would the 13 year old version of yourselves think if they could see what you are doing now, & go to one of your concerts or listen to an album?

The Dollyrots responded on 08/16/2012

That's a really really GREAT question. Because it cuts to the heart of why we play music. The bands we looked up to when we were 13 were, like, OTHERWORLDLY to us. Just the fact you could make those NOISES with electric was scary, it was freedom, it was it was everything. Just sitting in your room with your door closed, playing along to Fugazi or Hole, and just wanting so bad to FEEL music the way they felt it. Even now, when we write, record and play, we constantly ask ourselves "what would 13,14,15 year old me think of this?" Because if that me likes it, it means it's probably good. And just being able to do what we do now, to make rock n roll, to have our music be something that people's mind-blowing.

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