The Dollyrots

why / how did you guys choose the artwork /colors you did for the album cover?

The Dollyrots responded on 08/18/2012

It wasn't intentional, but as the songs started forming we noticed a "spacey" theme happening. It was probably buried in our subconscious...too much falling asleep watching The Universe and Ancient Aliens ;) But seriously...not to seem too "2012" or whatever...but the idea of the end of the World, wanting to get off this planet, that all this could disappear in comet dust or an asteroid hit, that we're a tiny speck in the middle of space, that despite it all that everything we think and feel MATTERS...we were thinking Cosmonauts, that feeling from the 60's we didn't live through but can draw from of endless possibilities and exploration, all that stuff that unites us...again, none of this was intentional and we're not going to say it's a "concept" album...but there are some themes...we didn't put them in on purpose but maybe in retrospect it's kind of cohesive. And with all that going on we didn't want the album to be seen as a "dark" record - cause it's not - so the colors are bright!

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