The Dollyrots

think you guys might do another kickstarter album after this one is completely done?

The Dollyrots responded on 08/31/2012

The best part about Kickstarter has been making our fans part of making the album, showing them studio stuff, letting them into our World from the beginning to the end...all of that's been so so awesome...and it's really brought us closer together with ya'll. It's also been a ton of work making sure everyone's rewards were organized and sent out right, and there have been times when we felt like we bit off more than we could chew! But, having done it once we feel good about doing it this way again, maybe streamline it a bit but keep it fun and creative. Maybe go through Kickstarter, maybe something else will pop up. Either way, getting to make an album with so many people pulling for it and being a part of it is something anyone lucky enough to be in our place SHOULD do. Music's about bringing people together, right? xD

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