The Dollyrots

Why did you leave Blackheart Records?

The Dollyrots responded on 09/03/2012

You know how sometimes you're at a party and you just kind of feel like it's time to go? Our time on BH during "Because I'm Awesome" was really magical and we felt a close bond with everyone at the label during that time. Things kind of changed after that...a different time and a different level of enthusiasm for what we do. We feel like we can count some folks over there as lifelong friends but for this album it just felt like time to move on. We self-released our first album "Eat My Heart Out" waaayyyy back in 2004 (before Lookout/Panic Button picked it up) so we already had some experience with releasing an album...manufacturing, art, hiring out for radio/publicity...and since that point we've always been involved in or at least aware of every aspect of the band's doing it on our own wasn't TOO daunting. The outpouring of support on Kickstarter gave us the strength to do it right...our fans became our label for making this one. We wouldn't have it any other way!

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