The Dollyrots

Big fan from way back... When you think about inspiration for vocals pre-1970 what pops up?

The Dollyrots responded on 09/03/2012

GOOD QUESTION! 60's girl groups were a HUGE influence on us when we started out. We grew up in Florida which has a huge retired sucks because of noise restrictions and lack of places to play music, but it was great because there was always a ton of oldies on the radio. The Chirelles, Shangri-Las, Chiffons, Ronettes...Kelly basically learned how to sing by singing along to Ronnie Spector and the "Dirty Dancing" Soundtrack. That, some hippie 60's stuff like Melanie, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick. And we're both huge fans of "Meet the Beatles" era Beatles...the pre-LSD time...just amazing 2-minute pop songs with stacked harmonies, no frills. In a lot of ways 60's pop and rock 'n roll kicks the crap out of modern music -L-

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