The Dollyrots

whats the easiest part of the recording process?

The Dollyrots responded on 11/14/2012

The last part: after the demo is done, after that demo is sussed out and a verse/chorus structure and lyric options are nailed down and figured out, after basic tracks are done (drums, guitars, main vox), after any doubles or lead parts are done, after anything that needs to be tight and kinda technical is done. When you listen back to the raw stuff and decide what you want to add...background vocals, harms, extra guitar riffs, sound efx, all that "studio" stuff...when you just sort of get to be creative and change the tone of the song here and there to shape's kind of the payoff to everything's not good to go overboard with those pieces but it's the most fun because it's the point where you finally get the sense that the track's come to life :) -L-

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