The Dollyrots

What was the idea behind having the 2 versions of 'Starting Over' on the new CD? It's my favourite of all your songs BTW and so pleased you did it live (saw you in Holmfirth!)...

The Dollyrots responded on 11/19/2012

Hey thanks! We just felt like that song summed up the themes swirling around the rest of the album. By the time we recorded it the rest of the songs had already started to take shape and we started to see a story start to no way are we saying it's a "concept" album or something...and it wasn't intentional...but there were just naturally repeated references to consumerism, space, love conquering all, the end of the World...we felt like bookending everything with that song made sense. Kinda in a "St. Peppers" sort of way, just to pull it all together. That album's intended to be listened to from front to back, old-skool style :)

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