The Dollyrots

what kind of guitar would you recommend for beginners?

The Dollyrots responded on 12/01/2012

Just find a $100 Epiphone or Fender Squire on Craigslist (unless you're lucky enough to score a sweet vintage Fender or something at a yard sale) and put some REALLY light gauge strings on it. Make sure the string action is nice and low...if you need help with that just ask someone you know that plays guitar, or have it set up at a guitar shop. Light strings and low action will make the guitar MUCH easier to play and give your hands a chance to get used to it. ALSO, for grrrls, Daisy Rock Guitars makes some supercute glittery guits for beginners that are affordable and play really good - with necks scaled down for smaller hands :) Any way you look at it, make the guitar your own and don't be afraid of scuffing it up or putting stickers all over it...imperfections are cool. -L-

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